Dear Don,

Good morning! I cannot thank you enough for talking to the freedom from smoking class that Washu and BJC have, last evening. I have been truly changed forever after hearing your story. I started smoking probably when I was 14 or so. I am not really sure exactly when I started, but I cannot remember a time when I did not smoke. I have tried to quit several times in the last year. I actually quit January 4th of this year. It truly is the hardest thing I have ever done. Everyday is a battle, but I am ready to quit and let smoking go, so I know I will do well.

After hearing your story,  I really realized how deadly and devastating smoking is, and it will give me that much more to stay an ex-smoker. Thank you for your time and your story. I just wanted you to know what an impact you had on me.

(Name Removed)
Washington University
Department of Pediatrics